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Do you have an old conviction on your record that you would like erased? Has your criminal record been preventing you from seeking better job opportunities? Has it prevented you from renting the house or apartment that you want?

The Davis Law Firm believes that everyone makes mistakes and a mistake you made in the past should not prevent you from getting jobs, loans, or housing you deserve. Everyone deserves a chance for a happy and productive life. If you have been convicted of a crime and faced the consequences in the past, Attorney Erica Davis can potentially help you remove the conviction from your criminal records. The Davis Law Firm strives to provide everyone an opportunity at succeeding in life.

In 2015, the Legislature greatly expanded Minnesota’s expungement law. Even if you have been told that you do not qualify for an expungement in the past, you may now. Come in for a free consultation at The Davis Law Firm to discuss your record and what options you may have to expunge it. Now is your chance to leave the past behind and live your life to the fullest.